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Over 1000 people have participated in the MOOC Make it Visible

During the months of March and April the partnership of the European project STAR, which aim to counter invisible racism and other form of intolerance in the everyday lives of young people, has implemented a Massive Online Open Course. This activity was one of the final stages of the project, and after 2 years working directly with young people developing and testing tools and approaches, we tried to collect all the learning and present it in the simple to follow online course. The MOOC is divided into 6 modules, where the first part is mainly focused on the knowledge on racism, hate speech and anti-racism. The second part of the MOOC is more related to education and approached in the youth work.

We were overwhelmed with the huge participation, with the total of 1063 people who enrolled in the project. Over 70% of them has been based in Europe, and 19% in Asia. We know as well about our participants that the majority described themselves as professionals working with young people, teachers, NGO employees and volunteers. We are very happy about the numbers, meaning about the completion rate which is 33,2% and much higher than the average, as well the participants has evaluated the overall experience on participation in the MOOC for 4,7 out of 5. And we are even more happy about some of the comments that participants shared about the curse:

  • It is an important course to identify racism and invisible racism and prejudice in ourselves first and then in our community to learn how to deal with it.

  • It opens your eyes on a lot of issues, teaches you how to question yourself before questioning others and it's well-made, interesting and stimulating.

  • The course is very informative. It utilises good videos and provides links to some good resources to use to educate others. It encourages us to look inwards, to help us to identify and challenge racism. It provides clear definitions and examples.

  • Such an extensive course with information I wouldn't be able to find all in one place anywhere else.

  • Not boring and really (!) interactive. New interesting tools, explanations with a simple language (not scientific which is a big plus), diverse opinions to the topic.

  • There are many unknown and unseen details and aspect when comes to discuss about racism. This course brought together a wide range of concepts that could be collected from different spread resources, but here we can find them in a logic and comprehensive manner.

  • I strongly recommend this MOOC to you for the following reasons. 1. It has an engaging, well-shared, and thoughtful content. 2. It has an amazing team of youth educators coming from fieldwork with youth in educating them to tackle invisible racism, 3. I guarantee that besides you will increase your understanding of invisible racism, it will incline you to thirsty follow every lesson as all content it is interestingly shared.

  • "Make it visible" makes racist behaviors visible that are really invisible for most of us, hidden under social norms. And so it broadens our perspective on events and people. This is something everyone needs. That's why I can recommend this course to anyone.

There is still a possibility to access the content of the MOOC, since the course will star on the platform. This is one of the reasons why we had decided to use the MOOC as a tool for learning, since we find it very sustainable and anyone can keep learning without any additional costs for the partnership. So, if you are interested, go to the platform and enroll to the course Make it Visible.