How the MOOC is going so far?

The first two weeks and two modules of the MOOC ¨Make it visible¨ are already behind us. It does not mean of course that if someone would like to join it is too late, no! You can still come and join the course.

So far there are 567 people who have joined the course. We don´t have much data on how many people has been active in any form, and actually are following the course, but we have done in the module 0 a poll to see who we are, people involved and participants of this MOOC, and we got so far almost 170 answers. I would say very nice.

So far, we had the possibility to have a closer look at racism and invisible racism, as well as on the hate speech. Participants had possibility to watch videos, do quizzes and reflection tasks, participate in the forum discussions. One of the questions asked in the end of first module was simply to reflect on our learning, and here are some contributions that has been done. Maybe after reading this you will feel motivated and eager to join the course.

  • We have different identities that intersect with each other and that make us who we are. The pyramid of hate or violence goes from the most common and normalized occurrences to the most uncommon/rare/harmful practices.

  • I learned that Racism takes on many forms and that the common misconception that there is only one form often leads to invisible racism being overlooked and normalized I also learned that intersectionality is an important part of many people’s lives as it encompasses various aspects of their identity and can help explain how these aspects inform one another.

  • I learned that there is a lot of invisible racism and that it is a breeding ground for visible racism and hate speech.

  • I’ve learnt that invisible racism is pretty much everywhere, in every way. I didn’t have that perception before reading this module.

  • I found the info written about the economic consequences of discrimination really interesting and think the historic snowballed effects of that economic disparity is something that is often overlooked by people who might brush discrimination off as something that ‘doesn’t happen anymore’, just because we have legal protections against explicit (or “visible”) discrimination.

  • The concept and examples of microaggressions alongside the listing of invisible racism, opens the eyes further to what is implicitly accepted/tolerated in many societies.

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