Working on the MOOC

The team of STAR project has met recently in Spain to finish planning and record Massive Online Open Course ¨Make it visible¨ - MOOC on education and action against (invisible) racism with young people. During 3 working days, the team managed to record a total of 18 videos that you will be able to see already in March 2020, then the course will start. It was a time full of creativity and insightful discussions that we hope will result in a high-quality learning experience. We have designed the course in the framework of the European project STAR - Stand Together Against Racism, co-financed by Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. The course aims to share the best practices of 4 organizations from Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Spain, which are working directly with young people to eradicate any type of violence and cherish diversity and promote inclusion. We want to provide the theoretical background as well as concrete tools to empower youth workers to be able to work on this topic with young people. The course is designed from the European perspective and thinking of our primary target group which are youth workers, teacher, trainers and educators; although we believe that this course might be interesting for a broader audience. Right now we still need to edit all the videos, arrange participation of the external experts, prepare everything on the platform, where the MOOC will be hosted: If you are interested in the course you still need to wait a bit patiently. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to be notified when the course will start.