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Partners has met to kick off the project

On 13th and 14th of December partners from the STAR project from 4 different countries has met in the first project meeting in Lorca, to discuss, share, plan, create and do everything possible to make the project successful. During the two full working days many of the project elements has been discussed, apart from the administrative elements that must have been done like finances, communication and the project documentation, we managed to have a closer look on how we understand radicalization and violent radicalization of young people, and how to prevent it. Besides we have discussed how to make the project youthful and interesting for young people, and what to do to reach the biggest number of beneficiaries.

The longest part for us was to set up the first work package of the project, where we are planning to investigate different case studies on invisible racism, and to actually define what invisible racism is.

And finally we have created a short video, where we present the project and our understanding on invisible racism, so for sure you are interested to check it out: