At Your Disposal

Resources on Invisible Racism

In this section you can find all the resources we are aware of on invisible racism, both developed by the partnership and the external ones. We hope you will be able to learn a lot from them.


Education Against Racism

This publication offers a series of educational tools that aim to work on the topic of invisible racism with young people in the field of formal education with non-formal education methods. The results of research are included.


Lorca Libre de Racismo

This Tool Kit is one of the results of the LORCA LIBRE project, in order to sensitize young people from different social backgrounds on the subject of invisible racism. In SPANISH only.


EAR Notebook

Notebook in Spanish developed within EAR project, that support the learner to reflect and act against racism.

With the project development we will produce more resources that you will be able to find here.


Raising the Curtain: campaigning

The publication is set to support youth workers and activists in planning, implementing and evaluating youth campaigns promoting intercultural dialogue and in particular dialogue between Roma and non-Roma.


BOOKMARKS: combating hate speech

A manual for combating hate speech through human rights education, was specifically created to support the No Hate Speech Movement. The manual presents activities designed for young people aged 13 to 18.


All Different, All Equal Education Pack

Ideas, resources, methods and activities for informal intercultural education with young people and adults. Experienced practitioners will find new ideas, but the main target group are those who are just starting to work with young people .


COMPASS: Manual for human rights education

Compass has become a reference manual for many people involved in value-based youth work and non-formal education. It is currently available in more than 30 languages, ranging from Arabic and Japanese to Icelandic and Basque.