STAR stands for Stand Together Against Racism, and the more of us stand together, the more succesful we will be in mainstreaming anti-racist education in youth work around Europe. In the past 3 years we have worked on educational activities and approaches, tested them with over 6000 young people, and published tools like the manual CONSTELLATIONS and the Massive Online Open Course ¨Make it Visible¨, to support youth workers in runing anti-racist educational activities.

Signing this commitment letter is symbolic, but we believe that it still can be a powerful tool for action. We invite you to sign this commitment letter to officially make a statement as an organization or an individual for embracing and promoting the principles of anti-racism, cherish diversity and embrace inclusion in youth work in Europe. 

So, are you on board?

We invite all individuals and organizations to fill out the form of the commitment letter below. Then we will send you a package of materials including the manual CONSTELLATIONS, to help you learn and run your anti-racist activities with young people. Finally, we want to make your commitment visible, so we will communicate about it on our web, and through social media. Feel free to communicate your commitment through your own channels.





Me, undersigned below, with this letter commit the organization / myself to take active part in  fighting racism, visible and invisible, by:


  • Keep learning about racism, invisible racism and microaggressions, power relations and privilege

  • Review the recommendations developed within the STAR project and reflect on them with the team.

  • Evaluate within the team the current engagement in anti-racist action and adjust if the team considers that we can do more.

  • Introduce anti-racism and good treatment in our daily activities with young people through direct workshops or as a transversal element.

  • Introduce anti-racist policies in our organisation, company, body;

  • Offer training opportunities on anti-racism  for the team and target groups we work with

  • Develop anti-racist community actions  in our local communities 

  • Make a public statement, so everyone knows that our organization stands against racism

  • Own/customized commitment: 

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