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Working on the MOOC

The team of STAR project has met recently in Spain to finish planning and record Massive Online Open Course ¨Make it visible¨ - MOOC on education and action against (invisible) racism with young people. During 3 working days, the team managed to record a total of 18 videos that you will be able to see already in March 2020, then the course will start. It was a time full of creativity and insightful discussions that we hope will result in a high-quality learning experience. We have designed the course in the framework of the European project STAR - Stand Together Against Racism, co-financed by Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. The course aims to share the best practices of 4 or


Introduction – why we talk about Microaggressions Have you ever witnessed a situation or act that you felt kind of violent but could not explain why, or have you ever been around someone who was telling you that an action was violent but you did not feel as such? If yes most probably you witnessed one of the types of microaggressions, something that if you don´t know it exist, you don´t see it, but when your awareness raise you see it everywhere. With this article we aim to define what are the microaggressions, to see how harmful they are and explore them in depth discovering which among them are actually micro forms of racism. What are the Microaggressions? Let´s dig directly into the defin

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