What is invisible racism?

When we talk about invisible racism we refer to the harmful behaviours which are considered normal and accepted by the society. The line that draws between what we all know by racism and what the invisible racism is, is a line of tolerance. Some examples what invisible racism could be are the telling racist jokes, or avoiding the contact with people coming from different ethnic group, by simply going in the other side of the street, or deciding not to date a person with is not white. Those behaviours, although not considered by many harmful, lead to exclusion, anxiety, and influences the persons well being.

What we do?

Have a look on the video produced during the project´s kick off meeting, and learn what is invisible racism, and how we are planing to combat it in the framework of the STAR project

Black Sky


A manual for working with young people against racism and invisible racism

Resources on Invisible Racism

In this section you will be able to find different resources, articles, manuals connected with the topic of invisible racism. This section will be growing together with the project. For now you can find already some resources in English and Spanish developed in the previous projects of the partnership.

Education Against Racism

This publication offers a series of educational tools that aim to work on the topic of invisible racism with young people in the field of formal education with non-formal education methods. The results of research are included.

Lorca Libre de Racismo

This Tool Kit is one of the results of the LORCA LIBRE project, in order to sensitize young people from different social backgrounds on the subject of invisible racism. In SPANISH only.

EAR notebook

Notebook in Spanish developed within EAR project, that support the learner to reflect and act against racism.

Take Action

and let´s Stand Together Against Racism!

Learn more

During the project we will have plenty possibilities for learning for everybody. In 2019 we will run a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) where anybody can participate. Moreover we will have several residential activities open for any youth worker from Europe. Sign up for our newsletter to be updated!

Commitment Letters

Within the project we will invite different institutions and NGOs to support the cause by signing the commitment letters, which will be developed in the fall of 2018. All signatories will be featured on our web and in the newsletters. If you are interested, you can already write to us, and we will then come back to you, whenever the letters are done.

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In order to combat racism we need to stand together and act, make visible what is accepted and normalized. You can help us by sharing our web, videos produced, by signing up for newsletter, liking our facebook and inviting your friends. Let´s create community and start acting!

About STAR

The STAR (Stand Together Against Racism) project is an international 3 years long collaboration with the aim to counter invisible racism and other form of intolerance in every day lives of young people, as well the ones online, through preventive measures, youth work and non formal education.

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